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Abay State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

The Abai State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater is a beautiful building in the style of Italian classical architecture with elements of oriental flavor. The architecture is based on the traditions of the classical Kazakh heritage.

The history of the theater began back in 1934, when for the first time a musical performance "Ayman — Sholpan" was staged on its stage to a libretto by Mukhtar Auezov. The name of the great Kazakh educator, philosopher, humanist, poet Abai Kunanbayev was given to the Opera and Ballet Theater in 1945. In 2000, the general reconstruction of the GATOB was completed. Abaya, and he appeared in his current magnificent appearance.


Speaking about the Kazakh ballet, it is impossible not to recall Alexander Alexandrov, thanks to whom the ballet department of the music and choreography school in Alma-Ata was opened, and Alexander Seleznev, who replaced him as director of the school and brought up many stars of the Kazakh ballet. There are many winners of prestigious international competitions among Kazakh dancers: Alexey Safronov, Leila Alpieva, Doszhan Tabyldy, Yassaui Mergaliev, Aidos Zakan and many others.