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Panfilov Park

Panfilov Park located in the heart of the city. Stone curbstones with carved names of 28 Panfilov heroes are installed along the Memory Alley that crosses the entire park. In memory of the fighters who fell for the freedom and independence of the country in 1975, a Memorial of Glory was built in the park. The grandiose structure consists of three compositions placed near the Eternal Flame. Especially impressive is the high relief in the form of a contour map of the USSR with the image of soldiers of different nationalities of the USSR, covering the walls of the Kremlin.

On one side of the Eternal Flame, as a symbol of sorrow, there is a figure of a soldier leading the horses of his comrades, on the other, as a symbol of joy, there is a soldier trumpeting glory. There are always fresh flowers at the foot of the monument — a symbol of memory and appreciation.