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New Square and the Monument of Independence.

New Square  this is the main square of the city, the venue for festive processions, celebrations, sports events, parades, folk festivals. This is the largest square of the city, its length is 580 m, width is 210 m. The square is a pleasant place for walking, it offers a beautiful panorama: on the one hand, the peaks of the Trans-Ili Alatau are visible, on the other, the buildings of the city. On a summer evening, it's so nice to sit on a warm granite parapet and breathe in the cool air coming from the mountains.

In the center of the New Square is located Independence Monument, a monument dedicated to the history of the Republic. This grandiose architectural ensemble, erected in 1996, consists of a column, 28 meters high, and a sculptural group. It symbolically reflects the history of Kazakhstan from the time of the Saka Queen Tomiris to the present. In the center of the complex, a stella soared upward, which is crowned by the figure of a "Golden Warrior" racing on a winged leopard.